How to play Classic Trumps

1) Suitable for between 2 and 6 players.

2) Shuffle pack and deal out all cards face down equally amongst the players.

3) Each player keeps their group of cards in the order that they were dealt and is not permitted to change the order of the cards during the game. Player left of dealer begins.

4) OPTIONAL STAGE : Player who starts declares the name of the card that he/she is holding (eg. name of football team, cathedral name or name of country) and asks his/her opponents to do the same. By knowing which card(s) he/she is playing against the player who is calling can use his/her knowledge to choose a category most likely to beat his/her opponents. This 'open' manner of playing can be used to introduce an additional tactical element and will also greatly assist the learning process of all players!

5) Player chooses a category and then reads out this category with the corresponding value that is shown for this category (eg. 'Year formed 1867')

6) Other players check their top card for the value that corresponds to this same category and read out its value.

7) The player with the highest score (or lowest year if a date is called or highest rank in the case of all time league position in the football series) is the winner of the round and collects all the losing cards before putting them to the back of his/her pack.

8) The player who selects and calls a category next is the winner of the previous round.

9) The game continues until one player (the winner) has won all the cards from his/her opponents OR if time has run out (some games can take a while) the winner is the player with the most cards after an agreed time has elapsed.

10) In the event of a draw, all cards are placed in the centre of the playing area and each player calls the value of the same category from their next card. The player who wins this second round takes all the cards, including all those in the centre.


Look out for our next edition of Classic Trumps due out in 2010 : BRITISH LIGHTHOUSES!


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